The Rise Movement

The best things in the world were created as a part of a movement. Learn about our story and how we are trying to redifine what it means to be a headshop.

How Can you get involved |

how can you get involved?


So you want to get involved in the rise movement? The truth is that there is numerous different ways to get involved. Its important that you do what you feel you need to do personally. Some people take their stand by simply smoking marijuana, and others prefer to take legislative action. Regardless where you are on the spectrum, you do have the ability to take a stand, educate others, and make change. 


1. Know Your States Legislative Set-UP

  • Does your state have a ballot initiative process? Od do you have to rely on legislation only.
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2. Is There Already a Policy Reform Group In Your State?

  • Research your state, we can almost guarantee you are not alone. This Group or Groups in your area will have a better idea on what action needs to be taken in your specific area. 

3. Any Legislators Already Taking Action in Your State?

  • State assembly members, senators, city council members – has anybody in your area been friendly on this issue before? Has cannabis ever come up for a vote before and if it did who voted yes? Who voted no?
  • Its important to know who is on your side as you begin to work through messy legislation

4. Determine The Necessary Education To Move Forward

  • Tailor Your Message
  • Arm Yourself With Information
  • Talk To People Close To YOu
What is the rise movement | Begin

What is the rise movement?


The Rise movement is a movement to educate the population of the true nature of marijuana. Spread the knowledge of its benefits, and work to make it legal for all. 

Aside from the legalization front, one of the major goals of The Rise organization is to redefine the word "Headshop." We hope to separate ourselves from the competition by marketing our products to the professional sector. 

Here at Rise we understand that just because you happen to enjoy cannabis, that does not mean you are a wild hippy. We hope to change the misconceptions associated with marijuana by creating a proffesional educational smokeshop.

Why was rise founded |

why was rise founded?


To Redefine What It Means To Be a Headshop

  • Rise Will redefine what it means to be a headshop. This will be accomplished by marketing ourselves as the professional educated resource we strive to be.

To Educate People on Marijuana

  • Through our educational resources we hope to educate the population of the true nature of cannabis. 

To Facilitate The Legalization Effort

  • We hope to be on the front line of the national legalization effort.

To Provide Superior Products

  • Our first priority is customer satisfaction. We take the extra effort to ensure that all of our products are of the upmost quality. View our full selection of top quality products.

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