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We will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. See below to find the best solution for you, we are here if you need any further assistance. Contact

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Loyalty Program



Not all returns are negative, and Rise wants to reward you for your continued choice to allow us to serve you. Every order will come equipped with a personalized discount code for you to apply on your next order, and many orders will have a free surprise enclosed. We truly appreciate your decision to choose Rise. 


How Can We Help

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Complete Refund


What's Going On?

  • Your product arrive broken? 
  • It's just not right?
  • You received the wrong product?
  • Not what you expected?
  • Nothing ever arrived?

Your complete satisfaction is our priority, if you receive your package and its not perfect let us know and we will make it right.  Please be sure to submit the form below within 7 days of receiving your order (or within 7 days after the date your product should have arrived).

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Store Credit


We understand decisions can be hard, but the decision to choose Rise shouldn't be. Even if you have had your order for more than 7 days, but have not used the product (visual proof will be needed) we are more than happy to still provide a 100% refund on your order via store credit for you to find the product that can meet your needs completely.

It is only possible to return unused items. We don’t accept returns for used items. There are no exceptions to this rule, as this breaches federal law.

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