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PollenKnocker: A device created by Rise to increase your pollen creation in herb grinders and sifters.

What is a pollenknocker | beginyourrise.com

What is a PollenKnocker


A PollenKnocker is a device that helps generate more pollen in your herb grinders by knocking off exponentially more trichomes. This is done by lightly sifting the pollenknocker around in the chamber of the grinder that holds the bud. A PollenKnocker is guaranteed to get you TWICE as much kief compared to using a coin, and up to FOUR times as much as using no device at all.


  • Exact size of US quarter
  • Weighs Twice as much as a quarter
  • Made of 100% Stainless Steel
  • Easy to pick up handle
  • Smooth to avoid losing pollen 
  • easy to clean


How To use a pollenknocker | beginyourrise.com

How to use a pollenknocker


1. Place PollenKnocker

  • Before you begin grinding, place PollenKnocker in chamber of herb grinder that holds the ground up bud.
  • If you are using a 5 piece or 4 chamber grinder you should place a another PollenKnocker in the chamber below the ground up bud and above the kief chamber

2. Grind Up Your Flower

  • Grind up your flower just how you would without the PollenKnocker in your grinder

3. Lightly Sift PollenKnocker Around

  • You will know want to sift the PollenKnocker around in your grinder, this is the most important step.
  • Keep the grinder vertical the entire time and lightly sift the PollenKnocker around where you can feel it sliding on top of the grate and lightly bumping the walls of the grinder
  • Do this for approximately 5-15 seconds or as long as you would like

4. Use Ground Up Flower

  • You can now use this ground up flower just as you would any other time
  • We assure you that your bud will still have plenty of potency 

5. Use, Collect, Or Share Kief



Why to get a pollenknocker | beginyourrise.com

Why do you need one


You might have seen or heard of this method implemented by putting a coin in your grinder.

This method although is more effective than having no device in your grinder, however it performs much lower than the use of a PollenKnocker.

Coins are very dirty, and even if cleaned have a plethora of nooks and crannies that will inevitably waste your pollen.

A Pollenknocker will triple the amount kief you are currently collecting guranteed.

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