1. Place PollenKnocker

Placing PollenKnocker | Beginyourrise.com


The first step in turning your normal herb grinder in to a pollen making machine is to place the PollenKnocker above the grate in your grinder. (If you have a 5 piece grinder you will need 2 PollenKnockers to place above each grate for optimum results.) The grate should be the piece above the kief chamber and below the grinding chambers. Simply place the flat part of the knocker touching the grate so it can glide above

2. Grind Your Bud

With your PollenKnocker still in your grinder simply grind up your bud just as you normally would. 

3. Sift Knocker Inside Grinder

You are now ready to successfully use your PollenKnocker. You want to sift your grinder hard enough to where you can feel the knocker touching the edges of the grinder, yet not to hard to where it is slamming in to the edges. You never want to flip your grinder over, your goal is to have the PollenKnocker glide on top of the grate in your grinder running through your bud and changing direction as it hits the other side of the grinder. You can do this as long or as short as you would like we recommend you sift for at least 10 seconds, but just remember, "The more you shake, the more you bake"

Pollenknocker Sifting | Beginyourrise.com
Sifting PollenKnocker | Beginyourrise.com

4. Tap The Top

The final step, an optional step, is to gently tap the top of the grinder. Again, there is no need to do this extraordinarily hard. Your goal here is knock down any pollen that has been knocked off and is just resting above the grate. We recommend you do this once or twice after sifting to maximize your results.

Rise Tapping | Beginyourrise.com
Rise Tapping | Beginyourrise.com

5. Enjoy The Results

You will now have collected a sizable amount of pollen as well as ground up bud ready for your use.

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