How To Pass A Urine Test

The only way to 100% pass a drug test is to quit smoking for about 3 weeks prior to a urine analysis. However, with this method you can almost certainly pass any level of urine analysis within 4-8 days of even the toughest drug test.

what you need to pass a drug test |

What You Will Need


  • Niacin (300-500 mg capsules)
  • Daily Vitamins
  • Plenty of water
How to pass a drug test |

How To Do It


Daily Procedure

  • Stop Smoking Immediately
  • Take 1500mg of Niacin Daily. Separate this into 3 times throughout the day. Morning, lunch, and dinner. Start out slow if possible to see how the Niacin might effect you
  • Take The Daily Vitamins as instructed by the bottle
  • Drink as much water as possible to begin flushing your system. Shoot for a gallon a day

Day of Test

  • Drink an additional gallon if possible.
  • Ensure you take your multivitamin at a time in which your urine will contain its contents during your test to ensure the test has the proper vitamins.
results from niacin detox |

Expected Results


Niacin like all B vitamins niacin helps the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose). Your body then uses that fuel to produce energy. To boost energy is one of the main reasons why people take niacin pills.  It’s also taken to provide healthier skin, eyes, hair and liver. Some people think because of the benefits provided by niacin that taking niacin pills each day leads to a longer and healthier life.

Because taking niacin pills has been widely used to break down fats many people think that it can help your body get rid of THC stored in the fat faster. This is what helps in passing a drug test. Just don’t overdo it. Taking too much niacin could lead to negative side effects from a rash to liver complications.

With our results you have about a 95% chance of passing within 5 days. Chances go up with extra days on the process. Do not do this over two weeks, and please understand we are not doctors.